Sunday, January 20, 2008

Kraus and Hofsmannthal

The big thing with Kraus and Hofsmannthal is that what you write and what you do is original, you're own thought. Also, that what you wrote and what you did you believed in it, you didn't just write it to write it. The two of them are worried about language because people would use language to tell what they wanted to tell, not would should be told. Kraus particularly fully believed in the truth and that nothing should be written or published that was not the truth, everything else should not even be thought, especially written down. To write something that you did not fully believe and know to be the full truth was morally wrong and completely intolerable. For the coffeehouse writers to sit and dream up stories and things to write in the papers for everyone else to read and for them to be from imagination, not from the truth infuriated Kraus and he wanted to make sure he let everyone know what was going on and who was doing this.

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Deserae Abed-Rabbo said...

I think you definitely have some positive things here. I would add that Kraus wasn't necessarily against imagination-based works, as long as it was from one's own imagination. I think the major problem was that the writers who were supposedly leading vienna into a new movement were doing nothing but imitating the old, not creating the new. The lack of REAL imagination was the problem.