Sunday, February 24, 2008

One of my favorite parts of the dream story is when Fridolin goes through elaborate measures to end up in the house where he thinks he'll have a good time, but it ends up as an almost nightmare. The whole time he's preparing to go to the house, Fridolin needs to jump through hoops and comes across strange people along with interesting events. This to me would have been a sign that things are not going to get anybetter, but as Fridolin tries to analyze the situation as he is going through it, he comes to conclusions that I believe Freud would not have.

The most interesting part comes when he actually makes it to the "dance." I'd say for many of us, the way to the house, the house itself and the inside is reminiscent of a nightmare. So much so that many people would wake up, either literally (if they were dreaming) or figuatively (in Fridolin's case, to get out of there). However, the whole time, Fridolin analyzes the situation and continues to convince himself that it is all just some elaborate joke or hoax and good things are to come. The warning signs were all over the place and I believe Freud would have also come to the conclusion that this house was not a good place to be. Alas, Fridolin stays, he gets caught but luckily for Fridolin, a savior appears who is willing to "redeem" him.

Analyzing this has led me to the conclusion that Fridolin's life was that of the nightmare that he was in, everything was very akward and his relationship with his wife was not all that great. However, the woman that sacrificed herself not only got Fridolin out of the house safely, but set in motion a chain of events that eventually led to the redemption of Fridolin's marriage as well.

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