Friday, March 14, 2008

It is very difficult to say who is truley authentic, because every character is playing some game or another. Some are subtley trying to overthrow the empire and rebuild it, while Redle and others are playing the game to advance in rank and while still others (the one who continues to promote Redle comes to mind) are just trying to do whatever they can to finish their job, find retirement and get out of the military. In that reguard, no one is truley authentic, but act authentic more often.

Redle has the best ideals for being authentic, but he ends up spying on everyone and does Franz Ferdinand's bidding, which is contrary to what I see Franz Joseph wanting. However, at the same time, each person, besides Redle is authentic to their own cause and follows through as best they can to acccomplish their goals. Redle's promoter does find retirement and Franz Ferdinand get's his "rebirth," but not quite in the way he wanted.

So who is truley authentic? Of the main characters, I would say that no one is completely, but only is from time to time to get what they want.

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