Sunday, March 9, 2008

Redl -- sorry this is long... again, so much to tackle

Redl definitely has his problems. He appears to be fighting quite a few things in this movie; the biggest things he seems to be fighting are his Jewish heritage, birth location, and homosexuality. For most of his life he has been very grateful to the emperor and wanting to serve him through the military and also his loyalty. While doing this, in order to advance in superiority in the military he has to lie numerous times about who he was in the past. While at a friend's (Kristof Kubinyi) grandparent’s house for dinner, Redl -- as a young boy -- starts this string of lies. While sitting at the dinner table, he is asked for the first time about his heritage. To answer, first he goes through a list talking about his true heritage, when at the end, he contemplates whether or not to feed his first lie... which he does and it forever haunts him; however he doesn't seem to regret this decision as it appears to be the only way to truly be loyal to the emperor. He knew that if he was honest and told people that he has no Austrian decent, and then he would not be welcomed in many friends homes. In respect to the homosexuality part, there comes a point when he is told that people suspect him to be homosexual. [At this point we are not given concrete details that he is in fact a homosexual.] So in order to not be perceived in this respect, his mistress who is also his best friends sister, Katalin Kubinyi, arranges for him to marry a female. It isn’t until later in the story when it is finally reveiled that he is in fact a homosexual. With these two examples, it is clear to see that Redl could not be considered one of the authentic characters in the film.

I would not consider Katalin Kubinyi authentic either. She is cheating on her husband and is afraid to tell her brother that she is seeing Redl. Also, she is the only one that knows everything about Redl and eventually sells out and gives this information away; which practically sets him up for failure.

If I were to consider anyone ‘authentic’ it would be Kristof Kubinyi because of his loyalty to Redl throughout the film as well of his honesty. (ie: the end of the film with the crown prince, as well as when he is being relocated and others are bad mouthing Redl, Kristof doesn’t take part.)

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