Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ulrich vs Arnheim: Modern Day Theme?

I was thinking about the contrast between Ulrich and Arnheim in class and how Arnheim is this kind of sly guy that everyone like and it popular and everyone listens to what he says, yet he is b.sing all the time. And then there is Ulrich who sees these signs of a disaster coming and seems to be more intelligent than Arnheim, yet no one seems to listen to what Ulrich has to say. I was kind of thinking that this theme seems to still be relevant. You get these actors or stars or whatever you want to call them, they get up on a stage and people seem to believe whatever they say whether or not they are qualified or studied in the area. Then you get these scientist talking about all these issues and no one seems to pay much attention to what they have to say. Take global warming as an example, there have been scientists saying that global warming has been coming for a long time, yet it takes a bunch or celebrities to talk about it and say they believe in it for much to really happen. I find it interesting that this theme that Musil poses in his book still seems relevant today even though much has changed since.

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