Tuesday, February 19, 2008


"Reigen" was so very interesting! Though I didn't see much death in Reigen, the structures of power and sexuality of Viennese society were shown in a special way.  All of the characters, especially the tart, had a sexual side.  However, the tart who is presumably on the bottom of the societal stratosphere, was the only one who was openly honest about her sexuality.  All of the other characters were deceitful and only showed their sexual side when it would suit them or better their status.  As in the case of the young lady, who had sexual relations with men above her societal status as well as the poet who had sexual relations with the actress.   This is where sex and power intertwine throughout the play.  

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dlang38 said...

You make a good point about the Tart being one of the only characters that seems to be truley involved in the sex that she has, unlike the other characters who have it for different reasons, such as social advancement. I like how you mention that she is of the lowest standing, but is the only one who is truley honest about it, that is a good point to note. The intertwining of sex and power is interesting in the Viennese society of the 1900s.