Tuesday, February 19, 2008


There definitely was signs of sexuality and power is Reigen and with some thought one could see death as well. I thought that this play was very interesting, showing a person from each power structure and how they will have sex with pretty much anyone else. From what we have learned about the history of Vienna at this time people were not to talk about sex and show no interest. Yet by doing this is seems that is just made people want it more and do more drastic things to get it. I think a good example of this is the older lady and her husband, they were portrayed talking about how neither of them would ever cheat and would not want to be involved with anyone would would cheat. Then they would go off and cheat on each other. Also is seemed that the people that seemed either older or of a higher class would also have more power when it came to interactions that came about with their other partner, especially with the woman, unless with her husband.
This type of ring of sex is also know as the dance of death or ring of death. The problem with everyone sleeping around is if one person is to catch something from someone else soon everyone will contract it. Therefore soon after anyone had caught something serious everyone would catch it, causing the dance of death.

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