Sunday, March 9, 2008


I think that Redl is the authentic one out of the two. The whole reason he finally betrayed the Monarchy is because he realized that it was pointless and saw no reason not too. He continually wanted to do what is best for the Monarchy which is why he did what he could for Ferdinand. Ferdinand seemed to want to do good for the Monarchy as well, but in a different sort of way; he was more interested in finding a way to boost the moral of the troops so that they would follow, even if for fear. Ferdinand was more interested in the end result, and didn't care much to how it got there. Redl wanted to always be true to the Monarchy during the complete process until he saw no reason to be true any longer because what he believed in no longer existed. You can relate this to the picture that is posted, Redl is clean cut and always at his best because he always wants to do the best for the Monarchy in all ways, included how he presented himself. Ferdinand is not clean cut and didn't seem to care much about the traditional truthful way, more in the results at the end.

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