Sunday, March 9, 2008

Redl and authenticity

I think Redl is the most authentic out of any of the characters in the film.  He is consistent.  He continually does what he thinks is best for the monarchy and for Franz Josef, whom he admires to no end.  And, as far as his identity issues, I do not believe they have a place in the answer to this question because though he truly did have some identity issues with his ethnic heritage, religious heritage, and his sexuality, he always attempted to strengthen the monarchy.  You could even, perhaps, argue that the reason he was not able to fully sort out who exactly he was, was because he forced himself to surpress everything in order to show strength in the Army of the Emperor.  If the argument is whether his betrayal to the army by giving up information to the Russians make him in some way not authentic, the argument must be made that he was the most authentic at that moment by giving Franz Ferdinand an Ukrainian traitor, what he said the monarchy needs.  And, if that all just is just coincidence, than perhaps he realized that what was best for the monarchy was for it to fall before Franz Ferdinand, whom he did not hold in the same esteem as Franz Josef, became Emperor.  

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