Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Was it just modernism?

So it took me a while of thinking, but I eventually came up with this question: What were some of the other goals that the Modernists were or were trying to accomplish with their works?

It is quite obvious that efficiency and a break from a repatative cycle was one of the mail goals of the modernist movements; but there were others, whether intentional or not, that also are apparent. I see the Modernists as possible role models in the fact that they saw something wrong in society and instead of just complaining about it, they got together and did something about it. The consequences of thier works are still seen in todays architecture, over a hundred years after they began their movement. Another area in which they are role models is like that of any leader, they dreamed big. Just about every Modernist that we have discussed, at least the architects, has had unfinished works that were huge dreams (Otto Wagner's plan for Vienna and Adolf Loos' design for the colum skyscraper in Chicago). These people took a lot of flak for their rediculous proposals, but that did not stop them from still believing in their designs and trying to convince others they they were great; although personally I think Wagner's plan for Vienna was a bit more practical than Loos' design. Either way, the Modernists believed in something and took action. It wasn't just the Modernist movement that these people left us with, there were many admirable traits they showed, that we can aspire to embrace.

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Mina said...

I definitely agree with you that Modernists are people who saw the "wrongs" in society and tried to speak against it through representation with their artistic medium. I think it is interesting how their messages are really subjective when you think about it; for example, what they say about what forms of art are "better" art (such as Doric columns). It is part of what made their works controversial, but sort of charming at the same time because it definitely shows their artistic passion!