Thursday, March 6, 2008

who would you want to design your house?

So considering what we’ve talked about in class, would you rather have Adolf Loos, Otto Wagner, or Josef Hoffmann design your house? In terms of ideologies in a nutshell Loss detested the style for the Vienna Secession and had a lot of criticism for Modernism in architecture. Remember, for Loos Ornamentation was a total crime. Wagner on the other hand was more interested in urban planning. His style incorporated new materials and new forms of design to reflect society’s changes. He wanted designs to reflect their functions. Wagner had been a part of the Vienna Secession, but left. He went on to establish the Wiener Werkstätte. Here designed everything from lamps, to chairs, to glasses. As his career went on, Hoffmann’s style became slightly more abstract. His style seemed to be functional and abstract. His form of modern architecture had elements of clarity, simplicity, and logic.

So that said, what would you like? Would you live in a house designed by Loos, where ornamentation was a crime? Would you like to live in a home that incorporated new ideas and materials, that would reflect new changes in society? If Wagner designed your home, more than likely it would be full of pretty things from the Wiener Werkstätte! Or, would you like to have a slightly more abstract home designed by Hoffmann? Your home would be a work of modern architecture! Each of these architects brought something new and avant-garde to history, but the question is, who is the mastermind you’d like to design your home?

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